3. Camping in Silverton, OR.

On our fourth trip, we decided to camp near Silverton, Or.  Both Kelly and I have loved the beautiful state campground and hiking trails leading to the 10 falls in the park.   The actual campground was already filled by the time we figured out what the weather was going to be like for us.  It was surprising since it was still winter and definitely NOT the peak time to camp.  We stayed Silver Spur RV Park and it was a very nice facility near the state park.  Check it out at-  www.silverspurrvpark.com


Kelly saw 10 falls this morning running on the trails.


Silver Falls State Park.


Schatzie on the trail.


Silver Creek


Silver Falls


Morning fog.

On our way to the campgrounds we stopped in the cute little German town of Mt. Angel.  The town was established in 1850 and had a large number of Bavarian immigrants settle in the area.  Mt. Angel is the English translation of Engelberg.  That was the name of the city that the Benedictine monks in Switzerland came from.  They then established the Benedictine monastery and seminary school.  We went into a church service and saw mostly foreign seminary students training to be priests.  It was an interesting walk up the butte to the top of the monastery as we passed all the “Stations of the Cross”, which are scenes depicting Jesus on the day of his crucifixion.


Monk school.


Mt. Angel monastery cemetery.


Church in Mt. Angel.

Then we checked into our campground and explored the community by walking all over the neighborhoods and parks of Silverton.  We were even thinking about relocating there at one point, but realized the property taxes are very high in that area.  The Silver Creek runs right by the downtown area and we looked in antique shops and restaurants as we explored the quaint little town.  Kelly even bought me a necklace from one of my favorite brands of jewelry, “Firefly”, for Valentine’s Day.  We also went to the Oregon Garden but it had just closed for the day.  We did go into the Oregon Garden Resort and decided that would be a great place to getaway to during the peak blooming season. They had a really nice menu in the resort dining room also and the rooms looked very comfortable.

After our stay in Silverton, we decided to take up the offer to store our RV at our friends farm in Gaston.  I don’t think Rick and Kathy Pugh realized how tall and big our fifth wheel was.  Let’s just say we had to do some trimming of trees to make it into their apple farm.  It was tight fit but we made it!  Thank you Rick & Kathy.


Trimmed to fit.


Tight spaces!

Next trip- Stub Stewart State Park for Memorial Day.Stubb_Stewart_State_Park_1