6. We are having fun…

It has been two weeks since my last post.  Being on the road, I have learned that Montana and Wyoming are not exactly the best place to rely on internet service.  The population of the whole state of Montana is 1 million.  Compare that to Portland, Oregon (just the city) is 600,000!                                                                

 I left off in Coeur d”Alene Idaho.  Today we decided to please our inner child and go to Silverwood Theme Park.  The park opened in 1988 first with just carnival rides but now has more than 65 rides and a water park.  When I got up to the gate,a man came up to me and asked if I needed tickets.  I said “YES” and asked them how much he would ask for them.  He said “just take them”, so I did!  We saved $100!  Then another man asked if we wanted a drink bracelet that he would just give us.  Again I decided why not?  That started the day off nicely.  The roller coasters where fun.  I decided to try two of them and never experienced anything like it before.  If you wanted to see a video of one of the roller coasters you can see it on my Facebook page.

On Sunday, we visited a wonderful church called “Heart of the City”.  The non-denominational church had an amazing worship service and the pastor was very approachable and down to earth.  He gave a very motivational message to the audience and we felt very welcome.Then we packed up and left Coeur d’Alene and headed to West Glacier Park, about a 6 hour drive.

One of the places Diners, Drive-ins and Dives recommended.  On a scale of one to ten, it was a five.  Not that good.😦

Since the weather has been warmer than we are used to, we decided to go for an early morning hike.  Visiting the National Parks this has been challenging with all the crowds showing up for the Centennial celebration for all the parks in the United States.  We have had to leave our campground before 8:30 am just to make sure we will be able to find some kind of parking space.  We left early to hike a trail called Avalanche Creek.  The morning air was still cool enough so that it was not to hot to hike the partly shaded trail to  on a magnificent clear lake with glaciers above it clinging to the mountain.  On the way back we met a couple from Salem, OR. to walk back with.  He was a Chiropractor and she worked with him.  It seems almost everywhere we go we meet someone who lives in Oregon or has relatives or has vacationed there.  


The next day we decided to take a loop drive and visit the Dude Ranch that Sundial Special Vacations goes to.  (Where I worked when I was a travel agent.)  My boss Terry Conner loved to go there as many times as he could before he passed away.  I was supposed to go with him the last year but he was to sick.  It is beautiful and the $3300 per week per person price includes meals, all sporting activities that you can imagine, arts and crafts, cooking and of course lodging.  Here are some pictures to prove how nice it is!

We then went into Kalispell and rode our bikes around and shopped, ate dinner and then went to see Independence Day the new movie.

Since there is so much to see at Glacier National Park, we had booked three more nights at East Glacier at St.Mary’s.  We checked into a KOA that we had reserved months ago and found that they had just paved the street which through off the approach up the hill to our site.  It had the perfect view that we had to give up to go to a more level spot.  Our “new” site was more crowded and had a grouchy neighbor who had a sign on the front of his pick up that read “Don’t Poke the Bear!’  

In the morning,we got up early and drove to Logan Pass which is in the middle of the park.  We saw the Continental Divide and went to the Visitors Center.  The hills were covered in little yellow mountain lilies. The snow was around but much of it had melted.  It was a really majestic view!
Then we went on a 4 mile hike to Virginia Falls.  The trail was steep at times but was shaded and had views of 4 waterfalls along the way.  We decided to eat lunch at the trailer and then drive on up to the Iceberg Lake trail.  It was a 10 mile hike and since I had already walked 6 miles (according to my Fitbit) I decided to take a boat ride instead of hiking 10 more miles and besides I had another 2 miles to walk to where I was going to meet Kelly.


Kelly had a different adventure then he bargained for.  While he was listening to his music and jogging down the path, he met a group of hikers that started to back up as Kelly was coming towards them.  He said “what is the matter, do I have a bear by me?” They all said “YES”!  A girl that Kelly was hiking with snapped a picture of it.  We think it was a female Grizzly bear.  He since has learned of all the things you should NOT do while hiking in bear country.  See Facebook for photos.

After leaving Glacier, we decided to camp at our first Walmart in Great Falls MT.  Once we found our “spot” in the parking lot, we rode our bikes to the Lewis and Clark Museum about 5 miles round trip.  The museum showed the journey of Lewis and Clark’s trip from the beginning in Missouri to the shores of the Pacific Ocean and Fort Clatsop.  It was interesting to see information and already know and see some of the same exhibits we have back at home. We also biked to a park for a festival called “Music on the Mo”. (The Missouri River)  It was good, but had a few glitches to work through since it was it’s first festival.

Well I will end this post this for now.  More to come as long as I have Internet access.

















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